There’s no doubt about it; new technology is allowing letting agents to revolutionise the way they manage private rental processes and save significant time in the process. The latest in this line of smart, industry-changing proptech is The Depositary platform, which is transforming how end of tenancy processes are managed – whilst making deposit compliance easy to achieve.

The Depositary’s web app is exclusively integrated with both TDS Insured and Custodial. This collaboration has led to a powerhouse platform and service that makes life a great deal easier for agents when concluding tenancies, whichever TDS scheme they use. The very nature of The Depositary also makes the moving process much simpler for landlords and tenants too.

How it came about….

Kristjan, the Chief Commander at the Depositary (AKA the Viking of Proptech) is an agent and tenant in London, who has always been in awe of the amazing hard work that great letting agents do every day across the UK.

Despite those incredible efforts, he saw the negative way many agents are perceived and referred to in the press, which set him on a path to establish their value in the eyes of tenants and landlords alike.

His drive to develop a rental sector that works for all combined with a passion for innovative technology culminated in a revolutionary new concept. Three years later, The Depositary was born.

Kristjan joined forces with an incredible team of problem solvers, tech developers and agents to begin development of the app.

However, one important element was missing: deposit protection compliance and best practice. That’s where TDS came into the picture. The complex and ever-changing issue of deposit legislation was something both TDS and The Depositary were keen to simplify for all parties involved in the PRS. Read more here: Why TDS was our obvious choice as Launch Partner at The Depositary

With TDS onboard as exclusive partners, development of the end-of-tenancy web app moved full throttle and the live version is now being enthusiastically embraced by letting agents.

What does The Depositary do for letting agents?

In a nutshell, the platform allows agents to progress a tenancy from end-of-contract notice to deposit refund in minutes instead of hours.

It strips away the time-consuming manual tasks, removes the confusion around legal compliance (the latest legal requirements are built-in to all the prompts, so you don’t need to worry) and keeps you and your tenants on track with timely reminders and prompts (these are automatically generated in the platform).

Information on moving day (and what’s required and when) is accessible to all 24/7 on any device,      making landlords and tenants happy too. It’s a win-win!

How to get the app

Visit The Depositary to see how the platform works and how to get your hands on it. It only takes a few minutes to set up and then you’re ready to go. Learn more here: The Depositary

The Depositary partnered with TDS because:

  • The award-winning customer service at TDS answers calls and emails faster than any other deposit scheme.
  • TDS publishes an adjudication result in      17 days, on average, which is leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors.
  • TDS is already backed by      Propertymark, RICS & NRLA and trusted by      some of the largest representative groups within the residential sector.
  • TDS produces an array of free educational content, case studies, seminars/events and video content to help simplify deposit protection and compliance.
  • TDS has a track record of innovation in technology.

You can benefit from every one of these features too!

If you would like to book a demo with TDS and The Depositary where you can find out more about the core functionality of the end-to-end platform, please do get in touch here.

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