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Our login page prevents unauthorised access to private information and functions.

We designed the page to be as intuitive and intelligent as possible but we do recognise that various people access our services for different reasons and you may not know how to access private content.

So let’s get started and get you access to what you need.

TDS operates two deposit protection schemes in England and Wales and they do operate slightly differently. You may have an existing account, you may need to setup or activate an account or you may not need an account at all.

How do I just check if a deposit is protected without logging in?

We have a dedicated function for this just type in the certificate code on the Is My Deposit Protected page and we will check both schemes for you.

I’m a lettings agent or a landlord and protected the deposit with you directly. How do I access and manage deposits?

You will have a member login and should provide your username and password on the Login page. Our system will work out the rest for you.

I received an account activation code.

If you did it is important that you activate your account to setup and enable your account. You will not be able to login until you have done this. This is so that we can create a secure login account within our Custodial Scheme. You can do this by clicking here.

How can I create a limited agent or landlord dispute only account?

Member login credential provides access to all functions for that member.  TDS recognises that some Insured members wish to delegate the task of raising or responding to disputes without providing full account management.

Simply raise or respond to a TDS insured dispute by using the Is My Deposit Protected page without logging in and, when prompted, register a dispute account. Just remember to select Agent or Landlord as the type of account. This will create a dedicated dispute only account that is secure and can be used for future disputes.

How do I find out what scheme I am with?

This information will be on the deposit protection certificate and will be included within the ‘prescribed information’ with your tenancy agreement. Also, if you login or enter the certificate code, our system will direct you to the correct scheme if your deposit is protected by TDS.

How else can I find out what scheme my deposit may be registered with?

Insured Scheme

  • TDS insure the deposit they do not hold it
  • The landlord or agent holds the deposit in their own account
  • The deposit protection certificate ID looks like uh7sbj8gk
  • The landlord or agent paid a fee for deposit protection
  • Your TDS Deposit protection certificate will look like this:
Insured scheme help

Custodial Scheme

  • The landlord passes your deposit to TDS at the beginning of the tenancy
  • TDS holds and protected the deposit directly
  • The landlord did not pay a fee for deposit protection
  • The deposit protection certificate ID looks like EW1234567
  • Your TDS Deposit protection certificate will look like this:
Custodial login help image

If your documentation or certificate mentions DPS (Deposit protection service) or MyDeposits then you are not a customer of ours for this deposit and should contact these alternative schemes.