TDS Proptech Partner The Depositary has announced that for the first time since launching, there will be an increase in their prices commencing 2022. Co-Founder Kristjan Byfield explains why, and how agents can avoid the additional costs.

The ethos of The Depositary

When we set about launching The Depositary, I wanted to make sure that we delivered a product with a clear and transparent pricing structure where my fellow agents could easily understand the associated costs. For that reason, we decided not to charge clients any ‘set-up’ or initial ‘training’ fees at the start of a contract with us and, instead, to cover this within our 12-month contracted terms. I also wanted agents to be able to establish a cost easily before contacting us – and so we offered fixed price licenses applicable ‘per 300 managed tenancies’. We are not the first to do this, and others have followed suit since, but as an agent myself, I feel this is a totally transparent process.

What was unique was that, at launch, we set out the price of those licenses going forwards on the ‘pricing’ page of our website with a ‘pioneer’ monthly price of just £50 per license, the ‘early adopter’ at £75 and finally our ‘advocate’ priced at £100 (all are subject to VAT at the applicable rate). Our intention was to migrate through these packages annually- however, I am very proud of the fact that we have retained our ‘pioneer’ price for over two years, delivering our clients to date with an incredible product at a bargain price.

The Future looks bright

In the last two years, since we launched, we have rolled out over 200 additional features and settings, including six partner integrations. We aren’t stopping there either; we have an array of features and integrations in the pipeline to come delivering our agents an ever seamless and ever efficient and effective product. The reality of this constant reinvestment into delivering the best product we possibly can, along with the ever-increasing development and maintenance of partner integrations, means that we must now increase our rates.

Therefore, the ‘early adopter’ monthly license rate of £75 (+ VAT) will take effect as of 1st January 2022. Agents can still secure the ‘pioneer’ rate by signing up with us before year-end.

So, if you are interested in The Depositary and want to secure the ‘pioneer’ rate- don’t delay request your demo today at

The Depositary offer a simple and transparent way to automate the end of tenancy process for tenants, landlords and agents.

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About the Author

Kristjan Byfield - The Depositary

Kristjan Byfield, Mission Commander at The Depositary

Kristjan has been a tenant in London since 1998, living at 9 different properties – and counting. After a brief stint as a professional actor, he became an estate & letting agent in 2003. In 2004, together with An Deckers, they decided to launch their own agency – determined to build a service that placed both Landlords and Tenants on equal footing at its core. He is passionate about the amazing hard work that great letting agents across the UK do every day, frustrated by the way they are perceived and referred to in the press and determined to establish their value in the eyes of tenants and landlords alike. He is driven to help develop a rental sector that works for all and is probably best described as the Viking of Proptech!

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