Innovative paperless property reporting platform links up with The Dispute Service Ltd (TDS)

Inventory Hive today announced plans to work in partnership with The Dispute Service Ltd (TDS) to raise standards and reduce tenancy deposit disputes. This new initiative will align market leading paperless software with expert industry knowledge to better protect both tenants and landlords. Existing and new Inventory Hive customers will benefit from a range of new features, content and exclusive discounts.

Inventory Hive has set out their stall as a market leading platform with inbuilt remote paperless workflows – designed to create the fairest and most efficient way of agreeing compliance, condition and cleanliness. From check-in inventories to check-outs and COVID-19 safe virtual visits in-between, these workflows are covered without the need for third-party electronic signature software.

In recent years, the platform has shown its thirst for innovation with the release of 360° camera integration with Ricoh Theta devices. This means photos can be captured and tagged into relevant rooms/spaces within a property direct from their App. Other achievements in recent years include the introduction image recognition of AI for meter reading populating and integrated pre-arrival document serving.

“Since launching just over four years ago we’ve been on a mission to make unnecessary disputes a thing of the past, whilst also pushing the boundaries of innovative features that make inventory reporting transparent and far more efficient” says Richard Abbots, CEO at Inventory Hive. “This initiative with The Dispute Service enables us to collaborate on new features and educate our users on the best possible industry practice.”

“The Dispute Service has always been at the forefront of helping landlords and tenants resolve and reduce tenancy deposit disputes. We know that a high-quality inventory solution, fully shared with tenants who have the opportunity to comment and amend the document is the best way of minimising deposit disputes. We are impressed with both the features of the Inventory Hive solution and the commitment of the company to work hard to protect the interests of both tenants and landlords” said Steve Harriott, Chief Executive of The Dispute Service.

The benefits of this new initiative include:

  • Access to a range of exclusive deposit/inventory related guides for the use of landlords and tenants.
  • Ongoing collaborative webinars on best practice and practical usage.
  • New software templating features for landlords.
  • Exclusive landlord discounts for TDS Academy training.
  • Tenancy deposit protection discounts for the TDS Insured scheme.

To visit the Inventory Hive website and find out more about their service please click here

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